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About Sheldon Needle,
President and Founder of CTS Guides

Sheldon Needle of CTS GuidesA former CFO, consultant and software designer, Sheldon Needle has authored or co-authored more than 20 books on software selection and has contributed articles to major publications, including the Journal of Accountancy and Nation’s Business. CTS was the very first company to do hands-on, independent evaluations of software for the middle market.

Sheldon speaks with business owners and managers every day about software selection and makes personalized recommendations based on their needs and budget. He is widely known and respected throughout the business software community for his independence, integrity and software selection expertise.

As part of your software selection kit, you have the opportunity to talk with Sheldon. He understands financial and business issues and speaks your language. He knows the leading software companies—how they compare, their strengths and weaknesses, where they fit into the market and which ones would be suitable for your business.

CTS Guides will walk you through the business and accounting software selection process, pin-points must-know product differentiators, and provides personalized software recommendations based on your company’s specific issues, challenges, and budget. CTS makes the overwhelming, time-consuming process of software selection manageable, efficient, and successful.