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About CTSGuides

For over 30 years CTSGuides has helped thousands of companies evaluate and select new software. Our goal is to help business owners and managers make an informed software selection decision. To meet this goal, CTSGuides offers independent software reviews, selection tools and resources, as well as our free Smart Shortlist™ consult and personalized software recommendations.

We do not sell software or earn commissions for referrals. Vendors pay a flat fee to support the site so you don’t have to. This is a free service!

About Sheldon Needle,
CEO and Founder of CTSGuides

Sheldon Needle of CTS Guides

A former CFO, consultant and software designer, Sheldon Needle has authored or co-authored more than 20 books on software selection and has contributed articles to major publications, including the Journal of Accountancy, Nation’s Business, and Target published by The Association for Manufacturing Excellence. CTSGuides has the distinction of being the very first company to do hands-on, independent evaluations of software for the middle market.

Sheldon speaks with business owners and managers every day about software selection and makes personalized recommendations based on their needs and budget. He is widely known and respected throughout the business software community for his independence, integrity and expertise.

When you access one of our Kits, you can choose an optional free 10 minute consult with Sheldon. He knows the top software companies—how they compare, their strengths and weaknesses, where they fit into the market and which ones would be suitable for your business. He’ll send you his recommendations including the must-know product differentiators and the basis for his recommendations. You take it from there! He’ll put you on the right track and/or confirm that your shortlist makes sense for your company’s budget, capabilities, and needs.