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"Great site - lots of information, including vendor-specific pricing right on the CTS charts!"
- Roy Escher, ITI Technologies

Construction Software Selection Kit: Download Now

Download Now
Our 2014 Kit Includes:

The Smart Shortlist™
Free 10-minute conversation with Sheldon Needle, a construction management software expert with over 25 years experience, to discuss your best options.

Talk to the Expert

Comprehensive construction software reviews including applications like job cost software and accounting software, along with key strengths and weaknesses.

Side-by-side rating comparisons
for 1,000 features to compare software performance.

Side-by-side vendor comparisons
for product pricing, support costs, training options, and other fast facts.

Free with the Kit

Construction Software Champion User’s Guide
Leads you through defining your needs, working with vendors, and doing due diligence. Construction management software experts share their experience and knowledge.

Construction Demo Scorecard
Construction  software features checklist – choose from 1,200 features to score and rank vendor demos.

ROI Calculator
Quickly calculate your return on investment.

Implementation Planner
Build timetables and assign tasks to manage your software implementation.