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Q: What is CTS?

A: CTS is a software screening and referral service. We work with a wide range of software providers that we hand-pick based on criteria such as product development, support services and customer feedback.

Since its inception, CTS has helped over 23,000 companies evaluate and select new software. Our goal is to help business owners and managers make the best software selection decisions possible. To meet this goal, CTS offers a complement of software selection tools, including our highly-acclaimed
software reviews and ratings and our invaluable personalized software recommendations.

Q: How does CTS generate revenue?

A: Software providers pay CTS an annual fee to support our site. Because of this corporate funding, we are able to provide our software evaluations, selection tools, and personalized referral service to you for free.

Q: What makes CTS different from other software selection services?

A: No other site offers you free in depth software comparisons and selection tools available in our software selection kits. All of this information empowers you to better understand your software options or conduct software demos with the vendors.

Sheldon NeedleYou have the opportunity to talk with a recognized software expert, Sheldon Needle, founder and President of CTS, when identifying options for your shortlist. Sheldon has been evaluating software since the early 1980s. As an accountant and former CFO, he understands financial and business issues and speaks your language. He knows the leading software companies—how they compare, their strengths and weaknesses, where they fit into the market and which ones would be suitable for your business.

Q: Who is Sheldon Needle?

A: Sheldon Needle is a former CFO, consultant, and software designer. Since 1983, Sheldon has published over 20 books on software selection for accounting, manufacturing, construction, legal time and billing, time billing and job accounting for architects and engineers, medical, and crm software. His innovative software program, The Requirements Analyst™ has saved companies hundreds of man hours when narrowing the choice of software options.

Sheldon has been a guest speaker at computer conferences as well as authored numerous articles in such publications as The Journal of Accountancy and Nation’s Business.

At CTS, Sheldon speaks with business owners and managers every day about software selection and makes personalized recommendations based on their needs and budget. He is widely known and respected through the business software community for his independence, integrity and software selection expertise.

Q: How does Sheldon make his software recommendations?

A: Using the information you provide on your registration form, along with your 10-15 minute consultation with him, Sheldon will email you his preferred software selection picks for your company.

CTS is not paid a commission or fee per lead, so there is no incentive for Sheldon to recommend one software system over another. This means that he can take an unbiased approach when making his suggestions. Because of this, CTS has gained a stellar reputation for delivering quality content and on-target software recommendations.

Q: What services does CTS offer?

A: Visitors to our site can access a free software selection kit for their industry. Each kit offers comprehensive reviews and ratings for leading, industry-specific software solutions, no cost recommendations based on your specific needs and budget, and due diligence tools for evaluating demos, performing a cost benefit analysis, and planning your software implementation.

CTS and Sheldon Needle also offer On-Site Consulting services on topics such as current software systems evaluation and software requirements/needs analysis.

Q: How can I inquire about becoming a software provider in the CTS referral network?

A: To inquire about CTS consulting services, email Sheldon at or call him at CTS 800-433-8015.