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"I wish I had seen your information sooner. The needs assessment document is a huge timesaver!"
- Keith Lynaugh, Viking Products

Download our FREE Manufacturing Software Selection Kit and get access to expert software reviews, pricing, selection tools and white papers to compare software.

The Manufacturing Software Selection Kit includes:

ERP Manufacturing Software Reviews
Comprehensive reviews and analysis of 28 manufacturing software systems. Easy-to-read narratives by application help you narrow down the list of options.

Side-by-Side Vendor Comparisons
Vendor comparative charts covering topics such as: software pricing, support costs, maintenance, technology, training and other fast facts.

The Smart ERP Manufacturing Software Shortlist Consult
Optional free 15-minute phone consultation with Sheldon Needle, CEO of CTSGuides, to discuss your best options. Sheldon can help you quickly determine whether you’re on the right track.

Needs Assessment Checklist
Easy to use checklist for identifying critical functions in 28 different manufacturing applications.

Demo Scorecard
Helpful template for rating and comparing manufacturing vendor demos with over 1,200 feature/functions grouped by application.

ROI Calculator
Essential tool for projecting and analyzing your return on investment for new manufacturing software.

Implementation Planner
Easy to use project template for building timetables and assigning tasks to manage your software implementation.

White Papers
Job Shop Software Comparison – Indepth comparison of top jobshop software ECi M1, Epicor Express, Exact JobBOSS and E2 Shop System

Additional resources to help guide you through the process of selecting new manufacturing software.

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