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Manufacturing Software Reviews

We’ve evaluated and compared more than 25 leading manufacturing software systems to help you determine the right fit. Our reviews include an in-depth description of how the software works including pros and cons, operational issues by application, pricing and other facts, and a special report comparing four Job Shop software: ECi M1, Epicor Express, EXACT JobBOSS and E2 Shop System. Learn More

The detailed product reviews and my follow-up conversation with Sheldon was really valuable in our software selection process. Highly recommended.

Jay Williams
Harris Corporation

Personalized Software Recommendations

After carefully reviewing your information, industry expert and CEO of CTS Guides Sheldon Needle will email you his top three software recommendations. He’ll take into consideration your size, manufacturing mode and any special requirements. Your personalized report will explain why these software packages are the right fit for your business. Learn More

Sheldon has authored manufacturing software evaluation research for over 30 years. He leverages his experience as an operations manager, accountant, consultant and software designer to deliver optimum insights to your recommendations.
Straightforward Recommendations
Sheldon won't just suggest vendor names to you. He'll tell you why they're worth considering or not. His 20+ years experience researching software is invaluable to buyers.
Vendor Relationships
Sheldon doesn't rely on salespersons for answers to key questions about software suitability. He goes right to the top where he gets answers from CEOs and product managers who won’t misrepresent their product to him.
Deep Analysis
By gathering information on your company size, mode of operation, requirements and capabilities, Sheldon maps your inputs against his screened vendor options to determine the “best fits.” You can also talk with Sheldon on the phone or via email to gain assurance that you're on the right track.

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