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"The detailed product reviews and my follow-up conversation with Sheldon was really valuable in our software selection process. Highly recommended."
- Jay Williams, Harris Corporation

ERP Manufacturing Software Selection Kit: Download Now

"Your reviews do a great job of breaking down strengths and weaknesses and telling it like it is."
Bryan Torsiello, Visiontron
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Our 2015 Kit Includes:

  • ReviewsERP Manufacturing Software Reviews
    In-depth reviews cover how the software works, pros and cons, and operating issues. Special Job Shop software comparison — ECi M1, Epicor Express, EXACT JobBOSS, and E2 Shop System. Unbiased, comprehensive information.
  • ComparisonsManufacturing Software Fast Facts
    Comparison Chart for pricing, demos requests, support costs, installation base, and more.
  • PhoneSmart Software Shortlist Consult
    Optional no cost 10-minute phone consult with Sheldon Needle, CEO of CTSGuides, to find the right software based on your needs. Sheldon will quickly determine whether you’re on the right track.
  • HourglassManufacturing Software Buyer’s Guide
    Why New Software, How Much You Need to Spend, SaaS or Cloud, Proposal Writing to Vendors, Conducting Demos, Checking References and Negotiating Price.
  • ShortlistManufacturing Software Needs Assessment Checklist
    Phase 1 – identify your high level need for 32 applications. Phase 2 – further pinpoint your needs for 4-5 functionalities in each selected application.
  • ChecklistManufacturing Software Demo Scorecard
    Excel template with l,000 features to plan demos. Add or delete features and score demos on how well they meet your needs.
  • CalculatorManufacturing Software ROI Calculator
    Excel template demonstrates the return on investing in new software. Covers asset management, labor, and machine improvements in plant operations. Computes potential cash flow improvement over a 5 year horizon.
  • PlannerManufacturing Software Implementation Planner
    Easy to use project template helps build timetables, assign tasks, and manage your software implementation.