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"The detailed product reviews and my follow-up conversation with Sheldon was really valuable in our software selection process. Highly recommended."
- Jay Williams, Harris Corporation

ERP Manufacturing Software Selection Kit: Download Now

Download Now

Our 2015 ERP Manufacturing Software Kit Includes:

  • ReviewsERP Manufacturing Software Reviews
    In-depth reviews cover how the software works, pros and cons, and operating issues to consider for your business. Special Job Shop software comparison — ECi M1, Epicor Express, EXACT JobBOSS, and E2 Shop System. Unbiased, comprehensive information.
  • ComparisonsManufacturing Software Fast Facts Comparison Chart
    Pricing, contact information for demos, support costs, installation base, and more.
  • PhoneSmart Software Shortlist Consult
    Optional no cost 10-minute phone consult with Sheldon Needle, CEO of CTS Guides, to discuss your best options. Sheldon will help you quickly determine whether you’re on the right track.
  • HourglassManufacturing Software Buyer’s Guide
    Covers topics you’ll want to know about — Why New Software, How Much You Need to Spend, SaaS or Cloud?, Proposal Writing to Vendors, Conducting Demos, Checking References and Negotiating Price.
  • ShortlistManufacturing Software Needs Assessment Checklist
    Checklist to define your needs and priorities by application. Phase 1 – identify your high level need for 32 applications. Phase 2 – further pinpoint your needs for 4-5 functionalities in each the selected application.
  • ChecklistManufacturing Software Demo Scorecard
    Excel template with l,000 features to plan the demos. Add or delete features and score demos on how well they meet your needs Helps narrow the field and move towards your selection.
  • CalculatorManufacturing Software ROI Calculator
    Excel template to demonstrate the return on investing in new software. Covers asset management, labor, and machine improvements in plant operations. Computes potential cash flow improvement over a 5 year horizon.
  • PlannerManufacturing Software Implementation Planner
    Easy to use project template to build timetables, assign tasks, and manage your software implementation.