Compare Manufacturing CRM Software

Manufacturing CRM Software, (customer relationship management software) plays a vital role in automating the sales, marketing and service aspects of the business. With CRM software, customer details are tracked from the prospect phase through the entire relationship history. This builds a valuable database of information that can be used in a variety of ways to increase sales and solidify relationships with customers.

CRM software analytics can be used to optimize marketing campaigns, analyze customer behavior to enhance decision making, forecast future sales and profitability and continually improve customer service.

If you are comparing CRM manufacturing software, here are some commonly needed CRM features your software should support:

  • Manage prospects, leads, customers, contacts. Complete integration of e-mail correspondence whether generated from CRM or from e-mail software.
  • Support the upload from event software and utilization of contacts identified at a trade show.
  • Track trade show costs, resulting contacts, proposals, business won, profitability, etc.
  • Support for marketing campaigns by searching contact and company database in CRM to identify recipients.
  • Access through drill down capability to the remainder of the ERP solution as appropriate. Example: answering customer questions about invoicing by accessing that function from CRM.
  • Advanced functionality for call center support.
  • Many software now process RMA transactions in CRM.

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