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Exact Globe is an ERP software system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Initially designed as an accounting program, Exact Globe has evolved to become a more comprehensive ERP software package that integrates a broad range of business processes onto one platform, including financial administration, warehouse management, purchasing and supply chain management, production and sales. Exact Globe offers full functionality for generating reports, surveys and statistics. In addition, complete integration with Microsoft Excel makes it possible to link administrations, calculations, schedules and summaries.

Exact Globe isn’t the strongest manufacturing software solution on the market; the product’s true strength is as an international financial accounting product. But it does support light manufacturing, assembly businesses, service providers and businesses that handle multiple market segments or multiple products. Some of the special features of this ERP software package are role-based screens, customizable workflow management and event management to notify managers of exception conditions. Some of these applications are not part of the Exact Globe software product and require the purchase of Exact add-on products.

Exact Globe Software Highlights:

  • Consolidates all administrative processes onto a single platform, including finance and administration; purchase and store; plan and produce; and sell and serve
  • Offers advanced project management features for capturing and centralizing all project activities, managing related actions and gaining insight into costs
  • Supports a variety of banking methods, currencies and international legislations, and is available in more than 40 languages, which makes it well-suited for companies operating internationally.

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