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Jobscope manufacturing software is a comprehensive ERP software solution for engineer-to-order, make-to-order manufacturers, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies.

All operations are accurately scheduled according to customer requirements and actual plant capacity. Once accepted, a customer order launches a chain of events in Jobscope designed to complete and deliver the order as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This ERP software solution is especially strong for make-to-order aerospace manufacturers and military contractors, and supports DCAA billing. It is also a very good solution for companies who build capital equipment to contract.

Jobscope manufacturing software offers a full suite of integrated ERP software modules, including CRM, estimating and quoting, engineering BOM, production BOM, shop floor control, inventory, purchasing, production scheduling, field service scheduling, financial management, order analysis, bar code data collection, field service and reporting with KPI dashboards. In addition, Jobscope manufacturing software includes built-in integration to any CAD package.

Jobscope Software Highlights:

  • 30+ years of experience developing ERP software for engineer-to-order, make-to-order, job shop, government contractors and MRO
  • Small company which is very customer centric
  • Quality management features support AS9100 and ISO9000, and allows online entry of quality insurance inspection results
  • Dynamically runs MRP and suggests material purchases

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Jobscope Software Updates

January 2015

Toward the end of 2014 Jobscope and Siemens announced that are partnering to integrate Siemens’ Solid Edge CAD solution and Jobscope’s manufacturing ERP software.

Solid Edge is a mechanical design system with tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes. These tools integrated into the Jobscope ERP package will add muscle to the Jobscope CAD package integrations.

These tools should be a great help for order-driven manufacturers, who want to allow their design engineers to do their work in the CAD system, and feed their designs more directly into ready-to-use bills of material.

March 2014

Jobscope Mobile ERP allows for full ERP functionality and real-time synching with your main ERP system on your mobile devices. Mobile ERP allows for connectivity with CRM, mobile inspections, field service, and mobile connectivity with your suppliers. Learn more at their ERP blog.

Sheldon Needle Interviews Patricia Craddock, Director, Support Services, Jobscope Manufacturing

Tell us about your technology history.

Jobscope was originally written for the HP3000 and the AS400 using COBOL. This was the mainstay of Jobscope for the late 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s. During the 90’s, Jobscope broaden its offerings by redeveloping using a 4th Generation Language called Speedware. This opened up opportunities on the Unix platform as well as Windows. Later Jobscope focused on Windows, redeveloping everything based on .Net technology and SQL Server. Today, Jobscope still maintains the COBOL product for the AS 4000 and the Windows platform is based on .Net 4.0 and supports SQL Server versions from SQL 2005 through SQL 2012.

What is your customer profile?
Jobscope has many customers in the crane industry. We are also very strong for builders of capital equipment and anyone in the aerospace industry.

Most of our customers have at least 10 users and spend $50-60K for a system but there are some smaller installations of $5 – 10M as well.

Tell us about your company culture and personal and approach to support.
Jobscope is a small company with so your relationship with it is very personal. Since the company is small, you have the opportunity to communicate with any level of the organization to voice complaints or make requests for new capabilities.
There are four full time support people who have long term experience with the company. Customer service is always a live person, never a recording, There is no offshore support as is the case with many vendors.

What is unique about Jobscope is that we do not have a gateway that answers calls, then fields them off to another team to answer. The person that answers the call is knowledgeable enough to answer most questions. Some support calls, do of course, require additional resources but, for most questions, they are answered by the person that answered the call.

We have annual meetings with their customers to gather feedback.

We have a very high retention rate for supported versions of the software (but not all customers are on current support plans).

They have a 20% annual fee for support and upgrades.

Can you describe your implementation approach?
There are six people who do implementation and training, Initial training is onsite, follow-up training is often done remotely. Accountants and engineers are available to work on every job. This means there is a subject matter expert that fully understand the users and what they are trying to accomplish without having a “language barrier.” Jobscope currently has about 150 users.

Where do you operate?
Operate US, internationally (mainly UK). We also have some customers in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Greece.

What are some of Jobscope’s unique functional capabilities?
“Buy to a job” Each part can be either: Buy to a job, manufactured, or purchased to stock and issued from there. This is all part of the standard functionality in the system.

Project management It tracks all engineering and manufacturing costs to a contract You can show both costs to a contract (top level) and/or costs to individual jobs (within a contract). This data is all entered either via Jobscope’s barcode labor collection system on the shop floor, or on its online timecard/timesheet for engineers.

Project accounting It has all of the standard GL, AR and AP functionality that other software companies have, but also has a Job accounting module that gives users the ability to see/calculate/adjust various percentages of completion, earned revenue and cost applied amounts per job.

How about special applications?
MRO: Maintenance and Repair of Aerospace Equipment
JAviation Software (Aviation MRO) is specifically designed to effectively address the needs of Aviation MRO component repair and whole aircraft Aviation MRO. The JOBSCOPE MRO solution gives technicians the ability to execute routine work orders for checks performed at set intervals and predefined schedules. It also has the option to create non-routine work orders covering unplanned repairs that are discovered when the aircraft is in the MRO facility. Pre-existing work order data with associated parts may be used for routine work requirements while parts needed for non-routine jobs can be entered directly on the work order. The JOBSCOPE materials system automatically generates requirements for the parts, either from stock or through the job procurement process.

Bar-coded Time and Transaction Scanning
With both routine and non-routine work orders, complete tracking of work performed and parts usage is managed within JOBSCOPE. This includes a full scanning capability that tracks technician time and material. Technicians have the capability of recording their start and finish times, and issue materials by simply scanning bar codes on the work orders and on their badges. The scans automatically calculate the time and material transaction, and charge.

Can you tell us some of the user-friendly features?

  • Customers can use source code to modify or add forms
  • Users can use Crystal Reports and modify reports/forms immediately. Jobscope offers training on Crystal if needed. If they just want forms changed, and have no desire to learn Crystal, Jobscope can do it for them as a service.
  • Quick reports query with save and share
  • User designed function to Link database tables for special queries and reports. These are written on top of SQL (with full access through Crystal)

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