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eClinicalWorks offers a fully functional Electronic Health Records System that connects medical patient records with the medical practice management and billing components, all united through one database. This offers the user the benefit of not having to buy or build interfaces to many external systems, or enter the same data more than once.

Developed with the input of physicians, eClinicalWorks offers medical specialty templates and tools to meet practice requirements of more than 40 specialties and sub-specialties.

eClinicalWorks can be scaled to fit the needs of practices or medical groups of any size. Different options and licensing agreements would obtain for different sized and natured groups.

Though eClincalworks still offers a Client (server-hosted) EMR , the EMR is promoting is eClinicalWorks V10. a cloud-based EHR that can run on the PC, Phone, and iPad®.

Each option has its own pricing structure and maintenance and training options.

eClinicalWorks offers a fully functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, with a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Practice management module (PM), a Patient Portal, and interoperability between modules and other healthcare databases.

The customizable EMR includes:

  • Easy access to internal and external clinical content
  • Communication tools, including an ePrescription module
  • Conformance with meaningful use reimbursement criteria
  • Patient scheduling management, for multiple providers across multiple locations
  • Patient demographic tools and features that help make medical data capture easier
  • Medical billing management tools
  • Medical claims scrubbing tools to create claims are error free prior to submission

The Patient Portal includes:

  • Good communications tools for patients to reach the doctor
  • Easy time-saving way for the doctor to reach patients

All eClinicalWorks systems communicate with each other. Links have already been created to most external organizations that practices and Health organizations would want to reach.

Mobile access includes:

  • access via smart phones and other mobile devices
  • Securely retrieve schedules
  • Write and send prescriptions remotely
  • Access encounters with patients

eClinicalWorks on the iPad

eClinicalTouch for the iPad, a new product, offers eClincaltouch functionality on an iPad

eClinicalTouchcan be downloaded from the Apple® App Store and offers:

  • View office screen encounter
  • Telephone encounters
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Task and To Do list
  • Refill Prescriptions
  • Patient Progress and Clinical Notes
  • Review Labs and Tests
  • Make use of security features and troubleshooting

Information captured through the iPad applications are uploaded to your main EHR and PM databases just as they would be from the standard cClinicalworks software.

For practices with A 1-9 providers, pricing starts at $375 per month per provider. Additional features and packages are more expensive, but not grossly so.

Larger practices have a different price structure.

e-Clinicalworks Software Updates

Winter 2015:

eClinicalTouch 2 By eClinicalWorks (Version 2.16.2) iis available to download via iTunes.

Spring 2014:

In April, 2014, the KLAS report cited eClinicalWorks CCMR as the most used system across ACO functional categories by Physician-Led Accountable Care organizations, among both electronic health record (EHR)users and third-party vendor users.

The categories rated included data sharing, risk stratification, care management, referral management, reporting and patient engagement. On a nine point scale. According to the KLAS report, the average EHR system scored a 6.3, while eClinicalWorks rated 7.0 for meeting ACOs needs.

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