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Medical Case Management Software
Reviews and Ratings

If you are involved with a Health Plan‚ TPA‚ PPO‚ or Long Term Care Provider and you are comparing managed care software plans, you will need dependable eligibility verification, referral management, capitation management, claims adjudication, and excellent reporting capabilities – at a minimum.  Medical Case Management is most useful for a large medical provider, hospital, or other large clinical setting.

As a Medical Case Manager, you need to integrate patient administrative functions with regular accounting functions, medical billing, electronic medical records (EMR), among other functions.

Medical Case Management Software is like Medical Practice Management Software writ large, for the much larger organization, and thus must integrate with many of the other hospital clinical and management functions.

What are the features to look for in strong case management software?

  • Integration with patient identification (barcoded wristbands/ other patient id) that upload to an EMR patient record
  • Admission and discharge software templates
  • Medical appointment and scheduling software
  • HIPAA compliance for patient notes review
  • Integration with E-Prescription and allergy watch software for patients
  • Level of Care Evaluation Software
  • Service Directory and Referral Management
  • Customizable templates for regular care and specialized care
  • Strong and flexible reporting tools
  • Interoperablity and communication with Patient Portals
  • Override mechanisms for treatment plans and referrals

One of the key decisions your facility may have to make is whether to look for web-based case management software, or whether your installation is better off with in-house customizable software. Even if your decision is to go with an installed system, you will need web interoperability with other institutions, clearinghouses, and patient interactive systems.

For comparisons of different medical case management software, download the free Medical Software Selection Kit.

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    Free Medical Software Selection Kit

    Reviews of Top Medical Software Vendors
    Pros/cons and operating issues module by module

    Medical Software Ratings
    Side-by-side performance ratings of 1 – 4 for 800 features grouped by module tells you whether the feature is included in the software or requires a workaround.

    Comparison Chart of Key Indicators
    Pricing, size of practice best suited for, no. of installs, support policy, and more

    CTS Shortlist Recommendations
    After carefully reviewing your information, CTS Guides will make suggestions for your shortlist. We will take into account the type and size of your practice and any special requirements you identify.

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